kevin and perry Amnesia 2020

This summer will see a milestone of one of the most loved even iconic Ibiza films made and will see a special Kevin and Perry Go Large 20th Anniversary event being held at Amnesia on the 7th September.

The film based on Harry Enfield’s character Kevin the teenager and sidekick Perry aka Kathy Burke started life as short sketches in Harry Enfield’s sketch show as the teenage son where life isn’t fair and his parents are deeply embarrassing.

Converted to the big screen for the full length feature film the story is all about Kevin and Perry wanting to become superstar DJs and losing their virginity and after a chance event at their local bank they get the chance to head to Ibiza to realise their dreams, all be it accompanied by Kevin’s parents.

Once in Ibiza, they meet superstar DJ Eyeball Paul and the girls of their dreams, which all goes horribly wrong in comedic fashion as they check out the beaches, bars and clubs of Ibiza.

Perry ends up videoing Kevin’s parents having sex which causes Kevin and Perry to have a teenage bustup but all is not lost and DJ Eyeball Paul remixes their track and uses the videos they have taken in Ibiza as part of the mix, where he plans on playing it at the club.

It all culminates in a night at Amnesia and well if you know you know, and if you don’t go have a watch it is 90 mins of laughs and lots of cringes.

Kevin and Perry Go Large 20th Anniversary event 7th September 2020 Amnesia Ibiza
Kevin and Perry 20th Anniversary event 7th September 2020 Amnesia Ibiza

The Kevin and Perry Go Large 20th Anniversary event will start off with a special screening fo the film inside Amnesia which features heavily in the film followed by an old school rave with Seb Fontaine, who performed during the actual filming, and the legendary Judge Jules, who curated the iconic soundtrack.

Supporting DJs will be time-honoured Cream Ibiza resident DJ Sean Hughes, Amnesia’s longest standing resident Les Schmitz and Ibiza Trance Events DJs. The last set of the night will also culminate in Amnesia famous foam party.

Tickets are available for this one-off unique event below.

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To learn more about Kevin and Perry Go Large and its association with Ibiza read The White Isle blog article Kevin and Perry Go Large comes of age.

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